KGSPARXX Sparkly Clutch

Here is the second of the two products i was going to tell you about

Its a lovley, dazzeling turquoise clutch bag hand decoranted with lines of swarovski crystals! 
Created by Keri Kelsey, of KGSPARXX, 22 and living in london, this bag cost £25 pounds which i think is a proper bargain and whats more, you can get it in whatever colour you like! Obviously i chose turquiose for one, i thought it would be somthing different than plain old black all the time and two, It goes with my wedges from primark haha but there was a selection of 12 different colours, so theres a nice choice. The bag also comes with a long silver chain in case you wanted one and places to easily clip it in, It is very spacious and i was even able to fit in my roll up shoes for when my feet get tired of heels, this is a great achievement as i have yet to find a small bag i could do this with!

 I was pleseantly suprised when the bag came wrapped up carefully in purple paper which i think is really nice idea when you send/recieve anything in the post, it gives a real personal touch and shows the care and effort put into the product.

As well as bags, Keri also does shoes, starting from £40-£90 but to be fair you could get a pair of normal shoes for £40 so a pair so diamond encrusted ones are certainly worth it!

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  1. cute clutch,and those wedges look much more expensive than Primark! :) x

    1. i know right!!
      thats why i love them <3

      Followed youuu
      please follow back :)



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