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I recently recieved a beautiful leather bag from handbags at dawn, they call it the City bag, its bright vibrant pink, got a kinda snakeskin look to it and very strong which i always look for in a bag! Its also got a front pocket with a zip which is very useful for things that i need to get out quick like oyster card and stuff and an inside zip pocket for valuables. I was also pleased to see it had a detachable, adjustable long strap as well as the short ones, i personally like the long one better, i think its because when i was a kid, my mum always made me have a long strap so i didnt neet to remember i was holding it meaning less chance of me putting it down and losing it haha kinda stuck with me.

When i saw it i thougth, bright pink bag, should probably wear all black so it stands out, thats just my style so i did that. I went out to the pub with my friends and i wore, my black chiffon top from forever 21, a black skirt and black wedges with my new bag, I was happy with the look and i got alot of compliemnts on the bag that night, strangley alot of them were from the boys,

When i got home, i remembered the little note that came with my bag, and it got my thinking! They had a little "how to wear" section that said it was great for colour blocking, so im going to try that, its a bit out of my comfort zone and im not completely sure how to do it, but im going to post the photos below and you can let me know!
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  1. Hi,nice outfit,love your bag.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:).

    Happy blogging.

    1. thankyou!! and yes i will follow you and you follow me! :)


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