Waxing The Boys

Girls! If you have any remotely hairy guy friends and your feeling a bit bored, you should defiantly try this! 
Convince them to let you wax them, that's exactly what i did and  it was the most hilarious thing i have ever experienced!! 

Stefan, wanted a smooth chest for our holiday to Malia next week, Theres 11 of us going. he was by far the hairest of the tree to start with, but they were equally smooth by the end. He had the funniest reactions, nearly ended up with tears rolling down his face haha I'm evil.

Andrew (My boyfriend) joined in for the fun (crazy) even though he had 15 hairs all together. He looked the worst by the end of it, only because he has sensitive skin and finished up with a range of different shaped bright red patches.

 As for Michael, i think he just wanted a photo with his top off because he has even less hair than Andrew and would not let me near him with a waxing strip, he ended up helping me with the guys in the end and probably did it better than me, he has a faster.. rip .

Oh my it was such a laugh both of them have vowed not to do it again.. until next year hahahahah

Got a lot of products to blog this week so make sure you come back to see!!

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