Pacha at River Island

On bank holiday monday my dad had the day off, my mum insisted that as she has work, and we were all in, he had to take us out (me and my two younger brothers) to keep us entertained. We first decided that we were going to go the thorpe park but luckily for me, my brothers dont like queing so i persuaded them to go to lakeside instead, genius i know! Althought shopping with your dad and two young boys inst exactly easy or fun, but i did also persuaded them to go to YO! sushi so that was great too, i love it there!!

Anyway ive recently decided that my new favourite shop is River island!
I think its so summery and cheerful and i think their New PACHA range is amazing, very sophisticaed and beachy. Its great for holidays and even though im not going to ibiza, im going to malia but that dosent matter,  i  thought i need to get somthing before it all dissapears and i regret not getting anything.

Soo... My Dad bought me this!
Elegant but still casual enought for a walk along the beach.
Its a  printed kaftat that pulls in at the waist with a gold and navy rope, its one shouldered and flows beautifully.

I love the well known pacha cherry print it embodies because its bold and eye catching. I love the silky feeling and its so easy to wear, very comfortable. Also its my first one shouldered piece and its gonna look great with my gold bikini, maybe not so great with my flourescent green one tho!  

What do you think? 


  1. Cute blog, love your outfit!

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  2. hey,
    Thanks for entering my giveaway. I have just been checking my entries list for my giveaway and I can't seem to find you on my twitter account even though you said you were following. Just thought I would let you know as I want to make sure everyone gets as many entries as they can so they have a better chance of winning :)



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