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Oh my god. I recieved a parcel the other day from Essex soap box, a lovley soap making company in Essex! Essex girls gotta stick together, So they sent me three cute little soaps to blog about, Honey, Champagne and Pink Champagne (the company is ESSEX based after all)

The first thing i noticed when i opened the package, before i even had a peak inside, was the over-whelming smell of honey, it was amazing. It wafted out of the packed and filled my whole room, if you are looking for a fragrent soap and you like honey, then i highly recommend this one to you. After a few minutes of taking in the smell, i delved into the envolope and pulled out three super cute little soaps, one was moulded into a bunny and the other two were love hearts.

The smell was coming from the heart shaped honey so i put that aside and investigated the two other less in your face smells, champagne and pink cnampagne. I couldn't really get any smell from them though the packaging, which is amazing by the way, very cute and chic but when i opened them, there was a lovley smell, not to over powering for those of you with a sensative nose. 

The soaps were lovley to use, gentle and fragrent and quite fiminine flavours and they are hugley affordable with one bar costing between £1 and £3-75

Check out their other products on the website HERE
Follow their twitter for updates HERE

The soaps were sent out quickly, and Essex soap box are great, especially with replying, get in touch!

Please contact me at if you would be interested in having me blog for you, like i have for Essex Soap Box!

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