My New Scarf

This weekend turned out to be very family orientated, with my couisns 2nd birthday party at mcdonalds which i dragged andrew too on saturday hahahah and a family gathering today, i wanted to wear somthing warm and comfortable, so i stuck with my jeans and a vest top, a leather jacket and my super colourful new scarf!

 I got it from Your Finishing Touch and to be fair, it was the finishing touch because the outift was rather plain without! Its a great material, not like a woolen knitted scarf but not a thin nothingy one either, its perfect for chilly english days, you know the ones we have most of the time! Its all soft and snuggely and a really nice design, as you know I love bright colours, so even if i felt like wearing  black, which i did, i can always brighten it up with the scarf. Also, loving the little tassels at the ends, adding a little bit extra.

Its had 5* reviews on the website and i would also give it the same. As well as lovley scarfs id like to mention the website its self!, very easy to use! Check it out  for yourself  HERE
Theres a huge range of all different scarfs, different patterns and materials so suit mood 

Farah, based in Glasgow, who runs it has been great to work with and had the scarf send out very quickly and as always.. people who reply to me fast get a special mention! Farah was great!! and a great person for the job as she herself has a passion for scarfs

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Hope you like the photos, im actually really happy with these ones :) 

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