LIFESTYLE: Job Searching With City Calling

 OK, so as you may know I am desperately looking for a job at the moment (Admin or social media if anyone's looking to hire haha.) I seem to be getting quite a few interviews which is always good but I am always looking for new sites to find new jobs on. My latest find is called City Calling - another UK Job Search site.

Signing up was quick and easy and once I had filled in my profile and uploaded my CV I was ready to start searching straight away, it was so simple to use!

First thing I saw was:
which was great news, I was so excited!! I think I have just about applied for every suitable job I've seen anywhere else haha it was very refreshing to see some new companies and new jobs!

 The website itself is very user friendly, one of the most enjoyable I've used actually, it was just a little bit different and more fun to navigate and applying for an actual job was super easy.

 One thing I loved about it was the bar at the top, it tells you how many jobs you've applied for which makes it much easier to keep track!

How are you guys applying for jobs? I'm so sick of being un-employed.

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