LIFESTYLE: Glasses Direct

When  I was 11, I had to start wearing glasses. I picked out the most hardly there looking ones with very thin silver frames so that it wasn't something you noticed about me. My mum let me have Armani ones to make it a bit better. 
10 years later and I now have to wear glasses to see everything. I did think about laser eye surgery with Optical Express but I'm not sure I'm ready for that. So I've s tuck with the glasses and until a few months ago I was still wearing super subtle frames (D&G of course haha.) But over the past few years, thick glasses have become a bit of a fashion statement and after Andrew taking the plunge and ordering himself a pair of Ray Bans, I started to like the way thick frames looked. So when the opportunity arose for me to get a prescription pair from Glasses Direct I was excited to see they had a Ray Bans section and I just went for it. It was time to get some thick frames.

It was much easier to order online than I thought. I had an eye test that week so all I had to do was send over my numbers and then the glasses arrived a week later.
 I love being able to switch between thick frames and my normal glasses depending on how I feel. Thick frames are much more of a statement but sometime I love that. Although I try to wear my frameless pair when I'm with Andrew or we can end up looking like twins haha.

Top* - Blue Inc
Shorts - Primark
Shoes* - Master Shoe
Glasses* - Ray Ban Glasses at Glasses Direct


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