FASHION: How To Style Blue Jeans

I find blue jeans so hard to style which is why I live in my black jeans. I hardly ever wear blue ones. Last year I got these jeans as a challenge to myself to actually wear them and it has taken me this long to finally find an outfit that I like. As jeans go, they are actually so soft and comfy so that was definitely a good incentive to wear them more.

White Stuff UK got in touch with their new campaign and asked me to pick something from their site to style . Upload a photo of you wearing something from The White Stuff and #SnapAway for the chance to win a holiday to Dubrovnik!

All I know is that blue denim looks good with grey, after that I have no idea. I loved this grey jumper with the subtle white jaquard and as soon as it arrived I thought, maybe, just maybe this will go with those poor jeans that have been waiting to be worn. yey finally!  How refreshing to wear something light in colour for a change! I don't know how often I will be able to pull it off but it's a start! I love the way the light colours work paired with my pastel mani.

I had my mum take these before we went out for lunch with my dad last week. We were all in and decided to go to the old gastropub down the road. I had a fish pie which I loved so much, my mum and I went back last night for another one.

Jeans* - Superdry 
Jumper* - White Stuff 


  1. I always struggle with blue jeans! I don't own enough non black top half items to go with them.. excuse to shop? I think so!!

  2. I absolutely love your manicure, and I am the opposite I NEED black jeans as I live in my blue ones haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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