LIFESTYLE: #NationalCarrotCakeDay With Costa Coffee

Just a quick little post to say thanks to Costa for getting me involved in #NationalCarrotCakeDay which was yesterday! I have never tried it before because I thought it would just taste like vegetables but when they got in touch and offered me some, I wasn't going to turn that down. Always time for cake.

My dad just popped to the high street to do some bits so I sent him with my giftcard to get whatever he wanted and bring me back a tea and slice of carrot cake. I was very excited when he got home and he had actually remembered haha.

The cake was moist and spicy and had alot of texture from the walnuts. The Layered Carrot Cake is Costa's most popular whole cake - since its launch in 2009! I loved the icing on top and was a little bit surprised that it didn't taste like carrots so that's a good thing but nothing is going to beat a chocolate cake in my eyes.

Thanks Costa for pushing me to finally try carrot cake and realising that it really isn't that bad!


  1. Yummy! I can’t wait to try it. I also thought that the cake would be stuffed with vegetables and it won’t be tasty. But I am getting uk coffee beans to enjoy with quality taste. I needed confirmation that it tastes good. Luckily I found your blog. Thanks for sharing this review.


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