LIFESTYLE: What's Your Name Game With Boost Juice

You know Boost is my favourite thing in the world, don't you? If you follow me on twitter, you definitely do! So can you imagine how excited I was when they got in touch and asked me to promote their new campaign on my blog. Of course! They were all excited to tell me about it but obviously, as such a huge fan, I already knew all about the What's Your Name Game although this year there's an extra little twist.

Basically, every day from Thursday 5th February to Wednesday 4th March 2015 they will publish two names through their social media. If your name is up there you can go to any Boost that day, show some ID and get a free boost, amazing right?! One issue I had last year was that nobody ever used Georgina. Georgia and George came up last year and I got refused both times since that's not my name. This time people can register their name here so no matter how unusual your name is, you have a chance of it popping up as the third choice!

Now for my recommendations since I have tried almost every smoothie on the menu, and some that aren't. I'm sharing some superfan knowledge here. Two of my favourite smoothies aren't actually on the menu, they are on a secret one. The first is called The King William Smoothie (chocolate and banana) and The Raspberry Ripe Smoothie (chocolate and raspberry) and they are super tasty, especially with double fruit! Not even all the staff know what I'm going on about sometimes, that's how top secret they are haha. If you're looking for something not chocolately, then the Mango Magic or Passion Mango are my top two healthier options!

What's Your Flavour?


  1. This is such a good idea. I'm shocked I've never heard of Boost before but I love juice so hopefully my name comes up and I can check it out.
    Inspiration for the Imagination

  2. OOH I haven't heard of them before but it sounds super yummy definitely the mango ones xx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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