FASHION: Timberlands and Ripped Jeans

When I was 12, my best friend got a pair of Timberlands, they were baby blue which was totally cool at the time, not so cool now haha she always had the latest trend. I was 12, ten years ago (whoa) and Timberlands are back (not the baby blue ones thankfully), isn't it weird how fashion comes and goes and then comes back again! I think they started to get popular again after we saw Fleur Easts' sister wear them on the X Factor, since then, I see them everywhere, especially on a train on the way into London.

I didn't get my pair of Timberlands until this time round and I'm looking forward to trying all the different ways to style them. They are something completely new for me, I'm not used to a not black shoe but I've established that they look good with black jeans so hopefully it won't be too hard! I am really looking forward to wearing them through this season as I think as well as a fashion piece, they are quite practical in the winter with the cold and the snow. 

The best thing is that when they go out of fashion, I can put them at the back of my wardrobe and after a few more years they'll be back again.

How Would You Style Them?

Jumper - F&F (Out of stock)
Jeans* - New Look
Timberland Boots* - Master Shoe  


  1. My mum used to put us in timberlands when we were little (like 6 or 7) I remember we used to wear them ALL the time :)

  2. These are lovely, my daughter has a pair very similar - I just love them :)

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