GIFT GUIDE: Valentines Day

As usual, I love putting together a gift guide for special occasions. Valentines day is fun as I like to get gifts that we can share as a couple rather than just a new pair of shoes or something for Andrew. I've picked a few things that we will be able to share and a few that are pushed more toward either me or him but hopefully I will be able to give some of you some inspiration for later thist week!


Every one loves heart shaped chocolates and sweets on valentines day and Retro Sweet are a great place to get them because they sell all sorts of gift sets which you can personalise with a name and a message. This is one of the smaller gift sets from the site for £15 but they go up to £30, £40 + and arrive in a big wicker hamper which is a lovely idea.

Subscription Boxes
As well as gift box sets, subscription boxes are loads of fun. You sign up and each month you will be sent a box of goodies, each time it's different and you get to try all sorts of new things that you wouldn't have done otherwise! It makes a lovely gift to sign up and pay for them for your other half! Over the past few years, these boxes have become so popular which means loads of new ones have appeared, they have boxes for all sorts of likes and interests. MyVoucherCodes have put together a subscription box guide so you can scroll though a list of them and pick the one you think will suit your valentine best! Cute.

Toilet paper
Ok so this is a gift that is definitely just for him. It more a jokey extra to put in with all the other gifts but I'm pretty sure he will be entertained with it. Boys. I got this from Dot Com Gift Shop

The Body Show Strawberry Heart Gift Set
The Body Shop always have a great range of gift sets for every occasion but this one is perfect because it's red and love heart shaped! It's actually called The Sweetheart Gift Set and it contains a shower gel, body butter, lip butter and an Eau de Toilette all in their strawberry flavour. I'd definitely appreciate this more than Andrew would so this is one of the girls. Andrew actually bought me a heart shaped Body Shop gift set when they released their chocolate scent! And if your single, this is a lovely set to pamper yourself with!

Lola & Grace Jewellery
I don't really wear jewellery but if I do, it will usually be from Lola & grace, I really like the idea of them being Swarvoski's younger sister as they are part of the same group. They are a fun, young and affordable brand and it's so easy to pop in, spend £20 and leave with something really nice which makes it a lovey treat for yourself or a great gift for/from someone else. I love that they do each style in a range of pretty, bright colours. This blue reel pendant comes in a few colours and is in the sale at £8 down from £17. The big jewel and chunky chair of this Solitaire Necklace also really caught my eye and is also under £20 at just £14.50.

 Funkin Cocktail Sets
This is the perfect gift set for us to share as a couple, we love going out for cocktails so I know we would enjoy having a night in with some! The best thing about these kits is that they come with everything you need, including the alcohol which means you don't been to go out and find it as well! Belinis are our favoruite drinks but I just couldn't resist the pina colada set! I love the cute little coconut cups that came with it!

Chocolate Red Wine
Same story here, think romantic night in with a bottle of wine. Except it's Rosso Nobile Red Wine with a chocolate fusion. I couldn't think of anything better!

Cookie cutters
Valentines day is a nice time for some themed baking so these will definitely come in handy for making some cute heart cookies! Hopefully I will have time to bake some today!! These also came from Dot Com Gift Shop

Gift Cards
Boys are hard to buy for and gift cards usually work well for Andrew, although he has been known to completely forget about them and find them at the bottom of a gift bag 6 months later, boys just don't get excited by new clothes like girls too. Which is why I though it'd be nice to move away from a traditional clothing gift card and think about the other things he likes!

Andrew has recently started a new job and he gets coffee every morning. I think he really enjoys telling me how the baristas have remembered his order and messaging me 'BRB getting coffee' so a Costa giftcard would be perfect for him! I might cover it in girly stickers before I give it to him so he can think of me when he gets his morning coffee every day next week!

As I said earlier, Andrew has a new job and it's the first one that has required him to wear a suit. Shirts are now a lovely gifts to buy him for work as I know it'll get used and it's nice to pick one out together! This one came from Guide London and is £60, I love the black and white details.

Lush have released their new valentines day range and as usual there are a few new products as well as the old classics. Valentines bath products are a great idea for couples on valentines day, it's lovely to have a themed bath before you get ready for a nice meal or to share a bath after a dinner for a romantic night in!

The big product release of this year, The Unicorn Horn. This is a pastel rainbow bubble bar that smells like lavender, very relaxing. The colours are so pretty and it has a silver shimmer on top as well as little candy hearts dotted around! It's £3.25 but bubble bars are worth their money as they can be used a few times!
 Lonely Hearts is a bubble bar and Heart throb is a bubbleroon which I think it just the same as a bubble bar (it does look like a giant red heart shaped macaroon with a gold glitter filling.) Both of these will turn your bath red with gold glitter to  make your water sparkle. These are great for the girls as I don't think Andrew (or many guys) would appreciate being covered on gold glitter.
 I also have the Cupid Love soap which has hearts running through it. It smells very rich and fruity and I have just found out that it contains passionfruit which his one of my favourites!
Slowly I will get around to posting a review of each one separately!

What Are You Doing For Valentines Day? 

*The products included were gifted for the purpose of this guide. I handpicked each one and each opinion is 100% honest.


  1. That unicorn horn makes me laugh so much! Looking at these almost makes me wish I had a boyfriend to give stuff to! haha

    The Clashing Giraffe

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