LIFESTYLE: Pizza Express January 2015

In 2014, Andrew and I fell back in love with Pizza Express! Although they are constantly adding new things to the menu (which is definitely a good thing) you always know that you are going to get good, tasty food, whatever it is, a nice clean restaurant and good service!
Last week was the first time we had been since the latest menu update so we wanted to try as many new dishes as we could fit into one meal! We usually stay local with them since they are everywhere but this time we opted to try one just behind Oxford street on Langham Place.
Obvs we started with the starters (duh) and Leggera Gamberetti Piccante caught both of our eyes. Neither of us could bear to give up our dough balls so we decided to get a plate each as well as the new prawn dish to share. Very tasty with tomatoes and garlic - it was definitely our kind of starter and it's also part of the Leggera range which means it's low calorie. woo January detox!
Pizza express is the best restaurants for me to pick a healthy option and still really enjoy it! I usually have a salad which is always filling but every now and then I go for a Leggera pizza. Basically, it's a pizza with the center cut out and filled with salad instead so I still get my pizza but just half the guilt! 
I went for the Leggera Pomodoro Pesto which comes with mozzorella and pesto and I added chicken and anchovies on top. Anchovies on everything. Yum
Andrew went for the Calzone Classico which is also new on the menu. It was filled with four different Italian meats, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and all. I've never had a calzone before but it did look pretty tasty! I loved how both meals came served up on a black slate! Classy
We also spotted a new side that we had to try. I think Andrew only mentioned it because he liked saying the name haha it was called Broccolini. Pieces of broccoli cooked with garlic butter - I was happy enough to share it with him, they were very nice and I'm always looking to add greens to my meal that actually taste nice is always good. Of course I had dessert while Andrew got himself another glass of prosecco which is usual for us. It's hard to pass up dessert especially when there was a new one that had to be tried! The Honeycomb Cream Slice. omg. honeycomb and chocolate pieces mixed into cream all sat on a biscuit base smothered in salted caramel. It was delicious!

Have You Been To Pizza Express Lately?

*Pizza Express kindly covered the meal in return for my review. All opinions are 100% honest. I love Pizza Express
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  1. OMG looks amazing! I love Pizza Express, I now have major cravings! x

  2. Yum! I went the other day and had the pollo pancetta salad! Was so tasty I didn't even mind I wasn't eating pizza. Managed to skip dessert, but after seeing your picture I don't think I can be as strong next time!

    The Clashing Giraffe

  3. I went before Christmas - I love Pizza Express need to make another visit soon!

    the pomodoro pesto pizza is one of my favourites!

  4. i haven't been to pizza express in so long. a visit is very overdue!

    hannah @

  5. I really love their leggera pizzas and that dessert looks AMAZING! xx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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