LIFESTYLE: Just Eat App Review

Last weekend was Andrews 24th birthday! We went out clubbing on the Friday night and for a big family lunch at Benihana on the Sunday which meant I could plan something nice for us to do together on the Saturday!
 I ended up booking us a room at our favourite spa hotel for the night! It was the perfect way for us to relax together and enjoy his birthday. After an afternoon at the spa we went back to the room and used my latest Lush bath bomb, Pheonix Rising and then we love to spend the evening in bed watching all the Saturday night TV - and being in a nice hotel was not going to stop us from ordering our chinese!

I was gifted some money to review the JUST EAT app so it was the perfect time to use it! To be honest, Andrew and I use this app all the time when we are staying out in London and we love it

It's great for when we are out in Shepherds Bush which is literally the other side of London and we don't know anywhere local. You just put in the postcode and it gives you a list of takeaways. You can see how far away they are from you and what reviews other people have given. We picked out a Chinese and saw that all the reviews said it took over an hour to deliver, that wasn't a problem for us although it was nice to know that they might take a long time to arrive. But when they did, we got a call from reception so Andrew just popped downstairs to pick it up! So easy - especially for me haha I got to stay in bed!

Another point we love is that the app has the whole menu which splits out into sections, it's very helpful when you don't have a paper menu to hand, you just add what you want to your basket, same as you would on ASOS or something, then it's all very easy to review before you place your order. It even enticed us to try something completely different - Mongolian lamb in teriyaki sauce - which we both loved!

We already love JUST EAT and I'm sure we will be using it again in the near future!

Do You Use JUST EAT?

*JUST EAT gifted us £25 voucher. This does not effect my review
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  1. I use Just Eat on my laptop all the time, but not so much on my phone - I must get into the habit, it's probably so much easier!

    Sammy xo.

  2. i would use it if we had decent takeaways in our area unfortunately i live in a very small village that is in very short supply when it comes to takeaways


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