LIFESTYLE: Valentines Day Wishlist

Giant Millies Cookie
Andrew knows I want one of these and at the moment it doesn't look like I'm going to get one. Their site has been down all week, probably because everyone wants one. But its ok, Andrew and I have been together for 5 years now so I won't mind if he gets it a week late, as long as it says my name on it and has pink icing haha yum.

Boux Avenue PJs
Since picking up my silky pyjamas at the Very event last week, I have loved the idea of actual nice sleepwear rather than Andrews old t-shirts. This set comes in pink, lilac and white. I'm not so sure on the colours but I love the design, if it came in red, that would be perfect.

and of course I always check out website like Voucher Bin  for deals before I order anything online. They have a little page for Boux Avenue which says you can get a 10% discount for first time orders if you make sure to sign up for the newsletter which I wouldn't have known otherwise. Sometimes they have really useful ones like 25% off so I always make sure to check.

Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Heart
 I love the taste (and the idea) or champagne truffles. They are a lovely and yummy gift for a special occasion and of course I want the pink ones. In the heart box.

Primark Water Cup
I have seen these in stores for ages but for some reason, I have now decided I want one. Everyone has been talking about drinking more water which mas made me think I really don't drink enough so I want a pretty cup to keep on my desk that I can keep refilling though the day.

Instax Films
I wanted more in your face valentines ones they say 'I Love You' all over them but pink dots are as lovey as they get. I want to take some on my weekend away with Andrew - I love making memories and sticking them all around my bedroom.

Missguided Dress
I love lots of things about this dress. It's structured which is pretty, especially the skirt part, I like that you can see each section and it gives a really nice silhouette. I like the shiny material too. This is the sort of thing I am looking for to wear for Saturday night since I have no idea where we are going.

Whats On Your Wishlist?


  1. The giant Millies cookies look delicious I'd have one to myself even if I don't have a valentines!! Haha

    Asia xx 💌 🎥

  2. Those primark water cups are so adorable I can't wait to nab one (that's if there are any left in brighton!) and I love giant millies cookies so yumy xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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