LIFESTYLE: Valentines Weekend Essentials

The Circle, a Psychic Phone Reading service got in touch in the lead up to valentines and asked me what my essentials are for the big weekend. 

The issue I have here is that Andrew won't tell me where we are going which makes packing alot harder although it also means the things I have picked out really are essentials and should be things that I will need wherever we end up! 
Number one is my new Michael Kors bag that my parents got my for Christmas. Its super tiny and super cute. Not so good for my days running around London but perfect for the evenings with it's gold details.
I picked up these pyjamas* at the #VeryVIP press day earlier this week - perfect timing and I at least know we are staying a hotel! They has this set as well as a matching robe and a teddy which was super cute - I just love the subtle colours and the big polka dots.
This little box is actually a YES TO Cucumbers Facemask* which I got from ASOS and I thought it was something nice we can try together while we watch TV in bed (as you guys know we love Saturday night TV when we stay at a hotel)
Batiste goes everywhere with me, especially this one for brunettes which I have recently discovered. It comes out brown so there is no white powder residue to get rid of!
I've been going on about these polishes all week. I'm thinking pink for valentines day so I'll probably paint my nails on Friday with Kiss Me Quick* and then just it (and the topcoat) with in case of any chippage. They are now avaliable to buy on the Barry M website.
I'm not sure why I gave 6 and 7 separate numbers, they are both bath products from Lush of course.  The first one I picked up yesterday on my trek to buy my other brother's girlfriend a secret present and it's the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment. I don't usually go for melts but it smelt like snow fairy so I couldn't resist! Since melts don't do much to the look of the bath, I think I am going to bring along the Lonely Heard Bubble Bar* as well for some bubbles and glitter.
Number 8 consists of my Eyeko Eyeliner pen and Benefits Bad Gal Mascara. The eyeliner lives in my handbag now so I take that everywhere with me and I'm loving Bad Gal at the moment when I do decided to wear mascara which isn't that often. This is all the make up I need and will just use a little bit for when we go for dinner. I picked up both of these on ASOS*
Now 9 and 10 are the snacks for the evening! I might not take the bottle of prosecco as it's heavy and instead we will just order one when we get there but you get the idea. I will definitely be taking along the little belini mix* as I love a peach belini and this little pouch is so easy to pack. Then there is some leftover chocolate from Christmas which will do nicely as a TV snack.
Lastly, We have my bikini. Andrew said the hotel has a spa. I don't know if we are using the spa for swimming, saunas, treatments, I have no idea so it's best to bring a bikini either way. I picked my red one to go with the valentines day theme as also it's a very comfortable one with no underwires for if we do have a treatment.

What Are Your Valentines Day Essentials?

P.S I made those cookies that I was talking about baking with my new heart cookie cutters. I used a simple Betty Crocker cookie mix. Just add water - so easy!

*In collaboration with TheCircle

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  1. Such cute essentials, I really want to give those cookies a go and have wanted an MK bag and purse for ages they are classically gorgeous xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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