FASHION: Festival Style

I have spoken about my uncertainty on festivals here before - I love a day time festival where I can have a super amazing day and then I can go home at the end of it and get into bed but the thought of staying overnight really doesn't do it for me. I've never done it before but camping on the grass, no phone charger and waking up a sweaty mess isn't for me, when it comes to over night I'm more into experience days like a spa retreat or posh hotel but still, I love the fashion that goes with them. I haven't sorted anything festivaly this year but I would love to go along to something for the day so I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of a few of my favourite pieces at the moment!
I just love this elephant print and its summery colours. I want it in the dress and the amazing shorts. I already have three versions of this dress and I wear them all loads so this would be a great new addition to my collection! 

Every year I look at all the floppy hats in the shops but I am yet to own one. This one from Topshop is perfect and great protection from the sun when you are outside all day!

Wellies are a festival staple and Hunter Wellies are the only way to go! I have a patent black pair from a few years ago but I think I would go for the classic colour if I were to get a new pair!  

I have a pair of Quay sunglasees and they are by far the most sturdy pair I own. I was looking through their site today when I was drawn to these ones, then I realsied that its the same pair I bought last year in a different colour haha.

Whats On Your Festival Wishlist?


  1. I am the same - I love a festival in the day and then a taxi home to my bed in the evening! I love the elephant print above. Beautiful colours.


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