LIFESTYLE: Hotel Life - ME, Mallorca

The hotel itself was so pretty and we both loved just spending time there. 
We ate breakfast outside in the sun every morning. I didnt really want breakfast included but Andrew did and again, I'm glad he made me because it was really lovely. Everything was so well presented and I loved that we had a reason to get out of bed early and make the most of the whole day!
How pretty is the ASOS beach dress*. Perfect for breakfast to beach!
 One night, we visited went to the hotels own restaurant, Pez Playa. It was pretty expensive but I had won the main course over on their twitter page so we only had to pay for starters and drinks. The food was delicious, we had torreznos to start followed by paella - duh. We also had lovely views out over the beach. The only thing that wasn't great was the service but we overlooked that because it meant more time with out lovely view!
After a day at the beach, I came back to see that Andrew had ordered a plate of chocolate covered strawberries to the room! mmm
and with so many mirrors around it was hard not to take a few bikini selfies every day
Primark (£6) - New Look (£6) - ASOS (£32) - Primark (£1 Sale)


  1. Looks lovely - we used to go to Mallorca as kids, so I would love to go back someday xx

  2. Looks fabulous! And the paella looks deliciousss! x


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