LIFESTYLE: Driving Story With More Th>n

I took my driving test almost four years ago now and I'm pretty pleased to be able to say that I passed first time. After passing however, I didn't get insured straight away because it was just too much for the amount I would have been using it. Car insurance was so expensive but MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS could help young drivers save up to £750 today, wouldn't it have been great if I knew that three years ago haha. To be fair, I didn't really need it when we lived in our old house but when we moved out to Epping, it looked like I was going to need to drive a bit more.

Turned out I didnt really need to drive all that much although it was great to be insured incase I wanted to pop down to the post office to pick up my post or go and get a friend or my brothers from the station now that we lived much further out.

So on to my story. You may remember a few month ago, I was desperately looking for a job when one came up in Borham Wood. It was perfect, the exact job I was looking for and I could work from home too - I'd have to drive there once maybe twice a week but I could work from home for the rest of the time. Only thing I was a little bit worried about was the drive because I didnt drive much as it was and I had never been on a motorway before.

Anyway, my mum convinced me it would be fine and even offered to come with me to the interview and help me drive there and back for the first time - bad idea haha. Strangely, (despite driving perfectly fine for the past 35 years) she was just as confused as me and ended up directing me off of a major roundabout in the wrong lane, between two huge lorries who nearly squished us together.

We finally got the the interview and all in one piece as well. I even got the job but I turned it down. haha there was no way I was ever driving back there again!! 
P.S It never looks this dirty. My mum went out in it yesterday and someone cleaning their drive sprayed mud all over it.    **


  1. Your living the dream driving a fiat 500- so jealous!! I passed first time 6 years ago and the insurance for the first few years crippled me😩 although I'm going through the hassle of learning all over again to teach my bf just so he'll buy me a fiat. A girls got to have her priorities.

  2. Well.. its my mums haha I just drive it sometimes! x


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