LIFESTYLE: Picnic With Greggs Balanced Living

When Greggs said they were going to send me a hamper to help me have a great picnic with their new Balanced Choice Range I was not expecting them to send me such a lovely hamper complete with knives, forks, plates and even salt and pepper shakers. Along with that was a picnic blanket and two bottles of prosecco but we ended up saving those because it was too hot for alcohol.
I love all these sorts of fun campaigns because to be honest, at the start I was also not expecting too much from the food as I thought it was just pasties, sausage rolls and bread and apart from a cake or two, that's not really my kind of thing but after a quick trip down the road to my very local branch I was surprised to find some really tasty and healthy looking food. Again, I was also pretty surprised at how much I got for £10.
Once everything was packed away in my lovely new hamper, we walked over to the field just behind my house and set up camp with my snazzy new picnic blanket. Of course we were super excited to tuck in and everything was getting hot in the sunshine so after a few snaps, the camera went back in the bag and we spend the afternoon out in the sun, eating.
My sandwich was a picnic perfect soft, sub roll stuffed with ham and fresh, crisp salad. I really enjoyed that! The cold pasta is not my kind of thing but seemed to go down well as did all the cakes. OK so they aren't part of the Balanced Living range but I have always loved a bakery cake as a treat so I grabbed a doughnut, chocolate star and a pink iced bun for us to share along with a couple of Gu puds that were sitting in the fridge. 
We kept it healthy with vite coco coconut water, granola pots and lots of fruit to snack on in between our cakes and sandwiches haha. I enjoy eating fruit much more when its warm outside.

Big thanks to Greggs for helping me have the best picnic! I can't wait for my next one! 


  1. LOVE that picnic basket!! I haven't been into Greggs in such a long time! lol


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