WISHLIST: New Look Picks

I think its about time for another of my New Look wishlists and with us being right in the midst of festival and holiday season I am definitely on the look out for a whole load of new clothes. It looks like I'm more into that flashback, 70s style than I thought becuase I loved so many pieces from their collection although theres alot of my usual style with the blacks and bright colours!
So now I like tan ok - never before have I been drawn to the colour until now. I haven bought any yet but after seeing this dress in the sale, I will be off to the shop to get myself one! Plus I really love the shape of these shorts! 

New Look are known for their cool clutches from the doughnut (which I have) to the chocolate bar and now some pretty fruit for the summer! I love all the bright colours!
I have no idea why I like these mules and although they are black and chunky they really arent my usual style for a shoe but I really do love them.

This gypsy top just reminds me of being young. I love the strechy material and the whole off the shoulder thing too! I want one in every colour

Whats On Your Current Wishlist?


  1. Omg I LOVE those strawberry and pineapple bags. They're amazing!

    Sophie x


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