BEAUTY: The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito Range

If you follow me on my social media, you will know that I am currently sitting by a pool with a delicious virgin strawberry daquiry (it's just after 1 here) in my hand which reminded me i needed to tell you about the virgin cocktail i have been loving at home recently!

This post is up a little late which is a pain but I just want happy with the photos. I'm the mean time, I have actually been using and loving both of these products, they smell amazing and are so refreshing and uplifting on a hot sunny morning like the ones we are finally having. I love the fresh lime and mint smell which as well as their usual nourishing and hydrating body butter, I have also been using the body splash - it's something a bit new for me. I have been using VS body sprays for as long as I can remember and its a similar thing although hit doesn't come with a spray so its a bit harder to use but the smell makes up for it so I don't mind! 

Have Your Tried The Virgin Mojito Range?


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