LIFESTYLE: Costa Mint Choc Chip

I was super pleased when I saw my favourite drink from last years Costa summer collection back on the menu this year and since its been so hot these last couple of weeks, I have been drinking them whenever I get the chance! In case you were wondering which drink I mean, its the Mint Choc Chip Creamy Cooler topped with Costas thick whipped cream - it really is delicious and very refreshing for something so milky.

I love how familiar it tastes. Mint Chop Chip in itself reminds me of family days spent at Southend and lunch at Rossi's. I never liked it as a flavour growing up but my mum would always order it, now of course, I love it, especially as a summer flavour!

Whats Your Favourite Summer Drink?


  1. I literally didn't know this was even a thing! It looks incredible. My love for mint chocolate chip is DEEP! *leaves a trail of dust, while running directly to Costa!*

    1. Enjoy! They are soo good!! X

    2. I had one earlier. Incredible!!! Thanks for the tip off x

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