LIFESTYLE: Exploring Mallorca

Yey another holiday post! These photos are just a few from we took while we were out exploring. At the beginning we weren’t too sure about going back to Magaluf as adults but we wanted to stay at the ME hotel so we went for it. We were both so pleased that we did because it really did pay off - we had the amazing hotel and Magaluf really wasn’t as bad as we imagined it would be from being there four times between us in the past. 

We ventured into Palma on our first full day. It is a super pretty old town and we wanted to see it all so we hopped on a red tour bus. Afterwards we walked around all the old cobbled streets and ate ice cream. I loved my outfit for this day - both top and shorts from Primark of course!

Most of the other days, we loved spending at the beach which came right up to the back of our hotel. I bought a rubber ring and just lazed around in that and splashed around with Andrew in the sea - neither of us are really sun bathers. After a few hours there, we would wander further down for lunch and more ice cream.
In the evenings we would go out in search of paella and pretty cocktail bars by the beach. One night we did go the BMC – Magaluf’s super club - how could we not?! We had been there together five years ago so we had to go back for a visit! On the last evening, Andrew took me to an amazing restaurant but I have a whole other post on that!

Until the next one.. 

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