LIFESTLYE: How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Since we moved house, I don't really sleep too well. Its my own fault - I replay the moment back in my head every night when I get into bed "would you like blackout blinds or normal ones?", "oh, normal will be fine!" How wrong I was.

So when Barker and Stonehouse contacted me to see if I’d like to be involved with their new campaign about getting a good nights sleep I was pretty interested. It involved me (and a few other bloggers) trialling four natural sleep remedies over the course of a month to see if any of them helped - they sent over a box of stuff and I got started.
 For the first week, I was asked to try using the lavender pillow spray. This happened to be the week that I was in Benidorm with Georgia and I didn't take it with because it would have gotten confiscated at security (I totally didn't forget to pack. OK I did, but that excuse is much better)

I did have a chance to use it for a couple of days before I left though and I quite liked it! The smell is lovely just on its own but of course it was great that it made me super relaxed too. I think it did help me drift off when I managed to use it.
Next up for testing was Cherry Juice. Odd. I have never heard of that making you sleep better before and I absolutely hate anything that tastes like cherries so this one really wasn't for me. I had to give it a try, for the experiment but I only did it twice and it didn't really make any difference so I gave up after that. 
Week three suggested a hot bath. This was also a hard one for me because I don't have a bath at home although I know that whenever I have one at Andrews I am so sleepy afterwards so they definitely help.
Lastly was a relaxation CD that they sent over. Now this one works in theory but I get too stressed about leaving the CD running while I'm asleep to actually let myself fall asleep without turning it off.

It's great, however, for afternoon naps with Andrew because I know I wont be asleep for the next eight hours or he can turn it off if I am!
 At the end of it all - they put together a little guide with some of my opinions here on their site! I'm definitely sticking with the lavender spray!

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