LIFESTYLE: My TV Debut - BBC2 Hair.

Megabus have announced a wonderful competition, a gallery full of people sharing their #megamoments and it got me thinking…what would mine be?  If you follow me on social media you might have noticed me going on about my TV debut on Wednesday night haha - this was definitely a mega moment for me.

Way back in Feburary - Fashion week to be exact - I was contacted by BBC2 asked if I would like to be a hair model for the show. Of course I said yes straight away!

I met with the other bloggers in Cafe Nero where we all got introduced and micked up! We were all going to a fashion week party later that night and were told to come up with our perfect hairstyle for the occasion which our stylist had to create for us! I was paired up with Kellie and I asked her for a fishtail plait and lots of volume in the top. She later confessed that she had no idea how to do a fishtail plait although you would never know considering what I ended up with. She worked her magic and from the outside it looked exactly how it should. No one would have known about the hundreds on tiny bands holding it all together underneath! 

After we were ranked (you'll have to watch to find out where my hair came - Ok you won't I'm too excited to tell you I came first) we set off to the ON|OFF party.

Whats Your #MegaMoment?


  1. How fun, your hair looks amazing!

    Sophie x

  2. that's such a cool opportunity! congratulations!

    hannah @

    1. Thanks you! I was so pleased to be a part of it x

  3. Looking stunning. Nice pictures.!! Love that necklace set


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