LIFESTYLE: Infographic From Roberson Wine

Isn't it lovely when marketing people come to you, having read your blog, with content that you are actually interested in posting? Well, Roberson Wine got in touch, knowing that I love food knowledge as well as eating the stuff and sent over this infographic. I don't drink wine that often but I love learning about food so I still found this super interesting! And with London Wine Week finishing yesterday, what better timing?!

If I am drinking wine, it isn't usually with a meal although its a well known fact that they right wine can totally enhance the taste of whatever your eating. I was super surprised to see that, that is even the case with chocolate! My favourite pairing from this list - and the one that I have most often - is Lobster and Champagne. Andrew and I were only in Burger and Lobster last week, with our bottle of prosecco - it's nice to know what we fancy is actually known to work well!

Do You Pair Your Wine With Your Food?

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  1. This is so helpful! I've never known which wine to drink with my meals (or chocolate snacks for that matter)! And it's such a fun infographic to read too :)
    Juanita xx


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