FASHION: Bikini Edit 2014

Andrew and I are going to Thailand next week and strangely for me, I've only just started packing haha. Yesterday, though, I did start to get all my new bikinis together so I could decide whether it was worth buying another one and I realised that I had already got four new ones this year, what?! I don't remember doing that hahah but I do know that before I checked, I already ordered two new ones which I have coming in the post, oops

ASDA?! Shocking, I know, I would never have thought to look there for a nice bikini but when I did look online, there were loads of lovely ones! I don't know why I liked this so much but I really do haha I've never even seen wonder woman but you know me and I love the bright colours and bold shapes all edged with gold! Andrew seemed pretty pleased with it too haha, Cheeky

Triangl - Molly Rosewolf*
If you are a blogger, you will know what Triangl is! They are an australian brand who arrived on instagram and have taken over the blogging community and now they even have celebrities interested! The main thing that makes them different is the material, each bikini is made from neoprene, the same stuff as a wetsuit. It's super thick and comes in all sorts of pretty pastel and bright colours and is very supportive! It also comes with its own matching little beach bag which is such a nice little extra!

Primark - Pink Bikini
I get a new bikini from Primark every summer. They always have fun designs and seem to last me quite well not to mention being really, really cheap, I got both of these (top and bottom) for just £10. I love the colour of this one and it had underwires and stong cups, so its very supportive and comfortable and I love the cute little detailing on the bottoms.

Lanzarote Bikini - Boux Avenue
I was eyeing up this bikini for months but it was just too expensive for me, it is near enough the exact same as the pink one from primark but costs £35 more! It was only when I attended a Boux Avenue press day and was given a voucher that I ran back to the shop and bought it straight away. The orange is so bright and is going to look so amazing up against a tan. And again, it's also very supportive which is a big thing for me!

Whats Been Your Fav New Bikini This Year?


  1. I love the Wonder Woman one but I need the support if underwire (and te triangle one just makes me cry as they'll never fit me :( ).
    I seem to favour high bottoms or swimsuits as of late

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