FASHION: Blue Smock Dress And Chunky White Sandals

I didn't realise how much I loved this outfit until I just looked at the photos, I think it helped that I was having a bit of a good hair day too haha but still, it is a cute outfit!

I think that blue is one of the colours that suits me best, it always has, whether its a deep royal blue or a light, pastel shade. It changes though the year as my hair gets lighter and darker between dyes and for this tone of hair, I think the pastel blue goes perfectly!

The sandals are super comfy and they give me a little extra height so they are great all round - plus white makes a huge change for me which I am totally in to at the moment. I have so many shoes from SpyLoveBuy, but they always impress, I can never find a bad word to say about them!

This week, Andrew and I confirmed our summer holiday, we're going to Thailand and this outfit will definitely be coming with me! I'm so excited

Id love if you could vote for my look in the Stylefruits Pastel Me Petty Comeptition
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
Dress* - WearAll


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