LIFESTYLE: Solid Chocolate Easter Egg

Seriously guys, this is something I have always dreamed about as a kid and an Easter egg addict haha at 700g of solid chocolate, thats a lot of chocolate and this thing is heavy! It's also very good chocolate, it smells amazing when you open the packet, I definitely had to control myself! I find with things like this the best thing to do it take a few pieces then pack it up and put it away, if I just left it on the table I'd probably just eat the whole thing in one go haha. Although, that means it is going to take me forever to eat, which is going to put me behind on the Easter egg stakes this year! So what, I may not reach a new personal best on the amount of Easter eggs but at least I will be able to say I ate a solid chocolate Easter egg*!

They come in milk, white or dark and are £19.99 each -

 Challenge Accepted!

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  1. This looks brilliant! I was wondering how on earth you would eat it but having it pre separated is an act of genius. A lot cheaper than I'd imagined too! I might have to look into getting one for my old brother, who's a massive chocolate fiend!

    S xo.


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