BEAUTY: Boozi Bodycare

Recently, I have been going a little cocktail crazy - since I rediscovered the Bellini, it has become my favourite drink and I love spending an evening in good company at a cocktail bar. 

When I discovered these products last week, I thought it was such a good concept. I could be followed around by the fruity, yummy smell of cocktails without stinking of alcohol and having to get drunk haha and the photos of the website just makes everything look so appealing, it was hard to decide.

I love that each cocktails flavoured scent (there's six) comes in a variety of products - bath foams, lip care, hand and body creams and washes and spritz!

Whats Your Favourite Cocktail?

Bellini Body Wash* - Boozi Body Care
Woo Woo Hand Cream* - Boozi Body Care

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