EVENT: Jones+Jones Press Preview

So last week, after work I rushed into Spitalfields (about a 3 minute walk haha) for the Jones and Jones press preview. You may or may not know but I am a huge fan of the brand and if I ever have a big family event they are always my first call and always get me loads of compliments! The dresses, as usual are all perfectly made with some of the best quality materials here in the UK. Lovely Teresa told me that they can think up a design, whip up a sample and have it on their website that evening. Amazing!

It was lovely to meet Rebecca from itscohen, another Essex blogger who luckily recognised me. For some reason I never ever recognise anyone even when I read their blogs haha we had a lovely chat and looked through the dresses before she had to leave. That's when I decided it was high time to try on some of these beautiful dresses. I picked up 4 and whittled it down to two, two of the same dress, just different colours. I loved the lace overlay of them and it is a feature that is missing from my collection! I wanted to like the purple one better because I already have a red one but it was just perfect, it fitted me better, it seemed more puffy too and the brighter colour just suited me better.
Looking at my two red dresses together, you can see that they are very similar shape but the lovely flowery black overlay on my new one makes them so different from one another. I absolutely love my dress and cant wait to see more beautiful designs hit their Spitalfield boutique

Isnt it perfect!? Outfit post coming up soon!  
Also here are some other things from the we site that I have fallen in love with 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  
They have a lot of pink in for such a wintery season but I just love the shade. I'm defiantly not a pink kind of girl but I love the materials and textures of these two, especially the first one! All of these beautiful dresses have the traditional Jones+Jones skirt silhouette which is the thing that I love the most about the brand!
 Do you have any Jones and Jones dresses?
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  1. I love number two! That shade of Pink is one of my favourites at the minute! x

  2. Was lovely to meet you too - handy that it was an easy journey in for both of us! Looking forward to seeing the outfit post xx


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