REVIEW: Oloves

Hi Guys

Todays post is a quick review of these olive snack packs called Oloves. Unlike a lot of people I know, I am a huge fan of olives. I find they seem to be a love or hate kind of thing. My family love them and as soon as we get a jar they get eaten up but my friends hate them and make stupid comments when I order them at Nando's haha. 

So these little snack packs are perfect for me. I've been bringing them to work with me and having them as part of my lunch. They are just 50 calories a pack which is nearly a quarter of most chocolate bars  and they are the perfect size. 

They come in a variety of flavours and out of these three my favourites were the Mediterranean ones. yum! 

Are you an olive lover?

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  1. I LOVEEEEE Olives - the Mediterranean ones look delish! x

  2. If you are fortunate sufficient to own an olive tree, you can only consider eating one kind of fruit directly from the eggplant, only to find that there is a big difference between the olives on the tree and the olives on the plate. You can check this velvetjobs review and manage their university task easily. This is because our favorite olives are mainly kimchi.

  3. Olives are believed to have healing powers. That's why people want more info here or just go with the fact and start eating olives. It's great for your heat and blood pressure.


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