BEAUTY: Benefits Crescent Row Perfume Set

Hi Guys

Today's post is a going to take a look at another of the Christmas sets that I received from Benefit. This time its perfume, a set of 4 cute little handbag sized mini's in lovely classic bottles. This set is very classy looking and oozes glamor. Each scent is different and amazing.

As I said, the set contains four frangraces - Laugh With My Lee Lee, Under My Spell Noelle (This ones new, more about that in another post) Ring My Bella and My Place Or Yours Gina.  My personal favourite scent is Ring My Bella, it's very fruity and quite sweet and it remind me of purple grapes - which I love. 

The packaging is perfect as usual. I love the actual shape of the bottles and that they come with their own little boxes as well. The designs on each bottle are unique and fun with pretty writing and complimentary colours that match the scent. These kinds of sets really are perfect to give as gifts, be it for Christmas or even a birthday in the mean time!

This set is limited edition and costs £29.50 

Have you tried Benefits perfumes before?
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  1. I've not tried it but it does look lovely!

  2. They look lovely and remind me of little cocktail shakers! xx

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