Gel Nails: Pink and Green Watermelon Stripes

Hey Guys

Just a quick post from my phone again today as the internet is still down at home so I'm sorry for the low quality photos and bad layout of the post but its either that or nothing and I like to keep up with posting!

I wanted to show you is my lovely new set of gels! Gotta love a job which requires emaculate looking nails everyday, obviously working recpetion at a nail bar in busy Westfield, I am first point of contact with most customers and I've got to show them how good the work is! I loved the last design do much that I pretty much went had Melissa do it for me again with different colours. (She's tagged on my instagram if you want to check her out) I love these two colours together, I'm trying to wear summery nails for as long as possible and they remind me of watermelons. Yumm

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  1. This is so cute and summery :) I'm already forgetting what summer is haha!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx


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