BEAUTY: Benefit's 'It's A Love Fest'

As you saw from my Benefits Christmas Launch post I am planning to do a small write up on each of the sets that I received separately so you can get a proper look at each of them!

This set is called It's A Love Fest and it's part of a tin collection, all different sizes and designs and they're stackable. I love that the tin is also part of the gift as you can use it for whatever you like after, at the event Lisa suggested tea, coffee & sugar haha.

The set contains two full size items and two mini's. 
Theyre real (£19.50) & Porefessional (£24.50) are the full sized ones and also two of their best ever sellers. It'd be more expensive to buy just those two so the set is well worth it. Also in the kit, you get a mini CORALista lipgloss and a mini Sun Beam (£8).  They are all put together nicely in the box with those squiggly paper wrapping things so there is no extra prep needed, its the perfect ready made gift!

Its limited eddition for Christmas and £39.50


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