OOTD: River Island Tube Pants and Simple Black Peep Toe Heels

Hey Guys

Just letting you know how dedicated to my blog I am, I got to work early just so I could have internet to post this for you!! haha

Todays outfit is one of my evening looks, I'd wear this kind of thing for clubbing. Obviously I like to look good when I go out but I also like to be as comfotable in my clothing as possible because I know that being too hot in a club is not fun and I'm also gonna get sore feet too, not that I care too much when I'm drunk. I actually find that I am a lot more steady in my heels when im drunk, is that just me?!      

Anyway you might have noticed I'm wearing that sports bra again haha I actually quite like it (apart from the white Nike tick which I've tactically hidden, hopefully) as I don't have to wear an actual bra with it and I think it passes ok as a crop top - Andrew wasn't convinced - but the real reason that I am wearing it is becuase we're moving and cleverly, I decided that the first thing I was going to get packed was all of my clothes, so I'm not left with much to wear for the next two weeks haha.

I find these tube pants are so flattering for my shape, and some of the better material ones and I like that they aren't as shiney as disco pants. They will keep me warm, outside, and as long as my top half is not too covered, I will be the perfect temprature inside the club too. Being too hot absolutely ruins my night. I seem to be wearing alot of this type of red at the moment, it's a great colour for autumn.

I love everything about this purse! Firstly it's Henry Holland at Debenhams and although it is only a purse, I've always wanted to be able to say I have something by the brand. Also it's the perfect size for my for a night out, I am able to fit all my stuff in it including a spare pair of contact lenses incase I end up going back to Andrew's for the night as my house is impossible to get back from after 10pm. Lastly it had a wrist strap so i'm not going to put it down somewhere and for get about it!

Be sure to check out Debenhams amazing range of bags and purses like this!
Crop - Nike
Tube Pants - River Island
Shoes - ASDA
Purse* - Henry Holland at Debenhams 
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  1. I really love your trousers!! x

  2. You tube pants look great, I love the fit of river island trousers they always feel slightly higher than other, and you can totally getaway with therapists bra.

  3. Those trousers looks great! You've got such a great figure too :)



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