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I've been toying with you idea of a how you style series for a while now and decided to just go for it. I'm going to try to take part in them as well so you can see how I do/have done it! 

I had quite a good response to the idea on Twitter and after deciding the first in the series would be VELVET I had a few takers. I love to see how everyone styles similar things differently and velvet is an absolute favourite of mine.
Here's how I wore velvet earlier this year, this outfit would be perfect for this time of year as it'll keep me warm and still allows me to wear a crop top which is a must for me haha . I only seem to have worn velvet on my bottom half (as I haven't found the perfect velvet crop just yet) and these Motel Rocks velvet disco pants are my favourite piece. They were originally £48 but I used some of my street team credit as well as a 20% off code and Andrew bought them as a present for me for just £14 on the end. You can use my discount code on the motel side for 20% off too - GEORGINAGOODMAN1

Here are how some other bloggers have styled up their velvet!
Ally from says - It's elegant, chic and something I would wear to a posh meal out (definitely not something I would walk around town in!). Velvet often makes me think of old fashion female writers and Ladies. So that was what inspired this style I think.

Hannah From says - This picture is from last year but it's only just getting wintery enough to wear velvet again IMO, however, this was an outfit I loved wearing last year. Styling the velvet with studs, silver jewellery, and leather boots toughened it up, whilst mixing in knitwear meant that I wasn't too cold in a crop top!
Debs from says - I styled up my crimson velvet dress with vintage necklace and studded boots and a leopard fur coat for a bit of winter glamour.
Jessica from says - I styled my handmade velvet skirt with some boots and my favourite chunky patterned jumper for a casual vintage vibe.
Sian from says - I styled it up with a pair of autumn leaf coloured tights perfect for the weather at this time of year.

Paige from says - I'm a massive fan of the velvet trend,  so when I decided to buy a piece for my wardrobe I chose a red skirt because for me its a classic. I wanted to keep it quite ladylike but at the same time give it a bit of attitude with the leather jacket which I think helps to balance it out nicely.

Ive really enjoyed this project so far and am looking forward to doing another one, The next theme is going to be  TARTAN as we all know that it's a big trend for this season!

If you are interested in being part of my next one, email me - - 2 photos of you wearing tartan plus a line about how youve styled it and you will be up in next post.

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  1. I've just seen the perfect little black velvet dress and now I know i'm defo going to purchase it!

  2. I've just seen the perfect little black velvet dress and now I know i'm defo going to purchase it!

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  4. LOVE this new series Georgina!

    Expect to see some pictures of me in your inbox soon ;)

    J xx


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