FASHION: Harvey Nichols Wishlist

So every now and again I like to have a little look on websites at things that I can afford. This time it was Harvey Nicols and I a made a little wishlist so you guys can be jealous with me! 

A designer bag is for life so that is somthing I definitely want to get at one point in my life. The rest of this stuff I dont think I could justify paying for. Maybe the earrings as well! I do love a bit of vivienne westwood and they are a lifetime classic! So classy

What items are on your "too expensive to justify buying" list?

 This post is written in association with Harvey Nichols*

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  1. I agree that designer bag is for life :) I also can spend a lot on shoes or a coat.
    Galina from NBNworkshop

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  3. I love Vivienne Westwood, I have a necklace which is one of my faaaavourite pieces ever x


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