EVENT: Benefit Christmas Launch

Hey Guys

This post is going to just be a few photos from the Benefit Christmas Preview that I attended recently in their new flagship store on Carnaby Street. I was lucky enough to leave with loads of goodies which will all be reviewed seperatly on my blog in the future!

The new shop was totally amazing by the way, I didn't want to leave, seriously, as well as all the make up displayed, there was a champagne bar, a hair dressers, a tanning room and a nail bar, it's like the perfect place to get ready for a night out. The team told us that they have been renting it out for corporate events and hen nights and even had a few celebs in!

On to the make up - They are releasing 14 Christmas sets including the very limited edition advent calendar which is going to be super hard work to get hold of, there are limited stores with limited numbers stocking them, so if you want one you need to get it the day they are released which is November 2nd. There were so many different sets to choose from so there will be one for everyone, I love the idea of the sets which one in tins as you can reuse them after!

Benefit Christmas Advent Calendar
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  1. This event looks really fun, I still haven't been to a blogger event.
    The cakes look scrummy :)


  2. This looks so fun! The advent calendar is such a good idea! x

  3. those cupcakes and whoopie pies are too cute! i love benefit branding, they always get it just right! great post, new follower! :) x

  4. Ahh the little macaroons are too cute! Looks like it was a fun event :)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  5. Benefit events are always the best. Looking forward to reviews on some of the newer products.


  6. What an amazing event that looks like pure fun xxx


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