HAIR: Bleach London's Washed Up Mermaid

Ok guys so it may not be much but I did dye my hair a little bit on Saturday. My brown needed re-doing so I asked my mum to add in some cheeky blonde strips underneath as well. I'm happy with the outcome and the blonde came out blonde which is always good but I just wish we put abit more in, next time I'm definitely going to add more. This is great for now as its easy to cover and I don't want to get in trouble with my current jobs or any future ones.

When my mum had finished up I decided it was time to get some pretty colour back into my hair. If you saw my post here from when I went to the Bleach London home hair colour launch you'll know that they gave me some colours to try. Today I opted for washed up mermaid. I wanted to try turquoise first as it was my favourite colour when when I've dyed my hair in the past. Although when it fades I've got bleaches bruised violet to try as well as some pinks from crazy colour! 

The bottle said three thing. 1. Apply to damp towel dried hair, 2. Wear gloves and 3. Leave on for 15 minutes. I didn't end up doing any of those. My hair had just been dried to see how the bleach had turned out and I just wanted to get started. I put on a pair of gloves to start with but it was so hard I just took them off, much easier to spread the dye and feel what's been covered without, my hands did go blue but after a couple of washed it'd all gone. I also thought the bottle said 20 minutes and thats what i did so that one was an accident. 

Overall I'm very pleased with the colour and coverage and its made me very excited to do more.

What do you think? Have you got pretty colours in your hair? 

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  1. Love the colour! I put hair chalk in my hair whenever I want a little change :)

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