UPDATE: Layout & Domain

Hi Guys!

Just a quick post to ask what you all think of my new domain and layout?

I had such a nightmare with each of those but I'm now super happy with how it's turned it! My layout has changed countless times over the past few days and the fact that I dont have photoshop or a mouse (all on my laptop) made it really hard to me to make a layout that I am happy with, I did the whole thing in paint! Im totally in love with the colours and am even thinking of dying my hair to match haha is that sad? It wasnt intentional, obviously my love of the two colours shone through when I was choosing the hair dye and I didnt even realise!

Anyway, the girls are work said they really like the look and even asked me who done my layout for me, which was a super compliment :D

Let me know what you think!

Id really appreciate your input

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  1. I love the colours, they're perfect! The little social network icons are adorable too! You should totally do your hair in these colours haha, that would be so awesome! xx

  2. It looks lovely! I am trying to add in a sidebar and other stuff into my blog but it's so complicated! x


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