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Hi everyone, my name's Penny and I’m a lifestyle blogger over at apennyforthem.  I’ve been reading Georgina’s blog for a long time now, as well as chatting to her on Twitter and we’ve met twice (once at Essex Fashion Week and then again when we went bingo together the other week!) and she’s a lovely girl.  I’m always mega jealous of her figure, her gorgeous hair and her style.  She’s a total ‘clothes horse’ and seems to be able to master any style, switching them up from one day to the next.

As we all know, she’s quite partial to a crop top so when she asked me to do a guest post for her I thought what better to write about than her passion??

I love crop tops (although I could never wear one as my middle is a bit too round!) and I think they’re much more adaptable than a lot of people realise.  You can pair them with jeans, maxi skirts, mini skirts or shorts, or you could pop them on with some smart black trousers or a tailored skirt with a fitted blazer over the top and you’d be office-ready!

As we head into winter, crop tops perhaps aren’t the most season suitable clothing, but it’s the perfect time of year to be buying them for next summer, as they’re easy to get hold of at knockdown prices now they’re considered out of season!

I’ve been on a spending ban since July 2012 (ouch) but before I started it, I always used to buy my clothes when they were in the end of season sales as they are just so much cheaper, it’s a great way of saving money!  Just make sure you’re sensible and don’t buy items that are too time-period focussed, you don’t want to buy something and find it’s out of fashion when the right time of year does finally arrive!

I’ve had a bit of a scout around the internet, and here are the best crop tops I’ve found, all reduced from their original prices!

New Look - all three £2.00, reduced from £5.99

New Look - £3.00, reduced from £9.99

New Look - £5.00, reduced from £12.99.

Miss Selfridge - £7.00, reduced from £20.00

Miss Selfridge - £8.00, reduced from £16.00

Topshop - £7.00, reduced from £20.00

Topshop - £3.00, reduced from £12.00

ASOS - £4.50, reduced from £10.00

ASOS - £5.00, reduced from £10.00

ASOS - £5.00, reduced from £12.00

Just to give you an idea how much more economical it is to buy items in the end of season sale, all of the above should have totalled £152.95 but at the sale prices come to just £60.50 – much less than half the price!!  Bargain!

For the record, there are also some fab cropped jumpers available in the current season ranges, so you can rock the crop in winter style!

Do you love crop tops and are you brave enough to wear them, or do you just have to admire them from afar like me?

LilliesandLove xx


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