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Hey guys

Today's post is the first of a few Halloween themed outfit and beauty posts I'm experimenting with. I have a few ideas for Halloween nails and this is the simple, easy, fast fix solution for amazing intricate spooky nails. (Another post to come for the hard work version)

Nails wraps have taken the world by storm as they are just so easy to use and the results are really effective if they are applied correctly!

Lazy Nails are another brand who have bought out their own range of wraps and  they now have a super cute Halloween section - I love the little ghosties - they also come in glow in the dark versions!

They sell the wraps for £7 and for that you get 16 wraps, a file, a preparation wipe and an orange stick. These are the first set of wraps that I have tried that come with their own orange stick and it's really a great addition to the kit, it's so useful to push down in into the corners. You also get a 9 step introduction page to help with application, although it is preeeetty easy!

Wraps are really easy to put on and I'm sure a lot of you have done it already! The best thing about them is that once they're on you can just carry on with you life and not sit around for an hour waiting for them to dry! You can pop them on for Halloween and peel them off the next day when its all forgotten about, easy!

P.S Please excuse my disgusting finger, I picked my gel off. Naughty

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