BEAUTY: Barry M Matte Polish

I tried matte nail polish for the first time last week and I'd say it was a success. It's nice to have something a little bit different and I actually thought it looked really classy. 

When I first applied the polish, being the impatient person that I am, I started moaning  about how stupid it was and how it doesn't work, it stayed shiny for about 15 minutes, then all of a sudden, I looked down at my nails again and they were matte, so you have to have a little bit of patience.. unlike me haha.

Also one more thing, this may be obvious but I was a little bit unsure so I thought I'd test it out! Normally you'd go ahead and put a top coat for some extra staying power, but if you try on this, they will go shiny, was I the only one who wasn't sure? It's not always a bad thing because then you can try out some fun designs, obviously I went for a typical Georgina style and went for the half and half.
We know normal black polish looks good and goes with most things but adding the matte vibe made it that little bit more understated and interesting. It has been one of my most complimented set of nails for a long time.
Have You Tried Matte Polishes Yet?

Matte Black Polish* - Barry M


  1. wow it looks lovely! did it chip easily? if not, I may have to invest x

  2. How is the longevity of this product? Been eyeing up the matte paints for a while now.

    Vickie xo | vickieblogs

  3. Yip, I am loving matte nail polish! Hopping over from the #LBloggers Twitter Chat x

  4. I've not tried a matt black before. I have a gold crackle that would look great on top of this :) x


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