FASHION: The Rorry Dress

This is another thing that I spotted on Missguided earlier this summer, but never ended up with, I actually ordered it in white but it when it arrived it was huge, I always wished I had kept it but sadly I decided to send it back. I think maybe becsuse it was white it looked worse, then over the summer it popped up in loads of pretty colours. I then wanted to mint one, such a pretty colour but I never went for it and then summer was over. So when the dress appeared again this autumn but in deeper colours I just couldn't resist trying again and I'm pleased I did! It seems to fit perfectly now!

Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
You guys should all know by now that I work very closely with SLB. 
They got in touch to tell me about their mega Christmas giveaways so I could let you all know!

Starting on the 1st, everyday in the run up to Christmas they are giving away prizes in an advert calendar style giveaway! Waiting to discover behind each day’s door will be a variety of fashion and beauty prizes, treats and discounts amounting to around £2,500.

As well as that, from the 21st to the 28th November, one lucky winner will receive an exclusive SOLD OUT Selfridges Bijoux Beauty Advent Calendar.

Entry details for each day of the advent calendar can be found at

So you'd better get entering!

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