I love how a pretty bunch of flowers can brighten my day as well as my room. Walking into my bedroom and being hit with the beautiful, summery smell even when its' cold and horrible outside is the best thing ever, I can just close my eyes and pretend it's still summer.

This is such a cute little bunch, my mum said she has never seen a bunch like this before, It's so full of different colours and all sorts of flowers and such a good size, it fitted straight into my little vase and it's been over a week and they are still going strong which is great for flowers! 

I wish I was able to have them in my room more often *Cough, Cough, Andrew!!*

 He came back from his 3 week trip yesterday so I spent the night at his with his family hearing all about it over a yummy chinese! I forgot to bring spare clothes so im currently sitting at my desk at work in his hype t-shirt haha he brought my back lots of presents so I'm thinking of doing a 'my boyfriend went to america' haul soon. 3 weeks really was a long time for us, I don't think we have been apart for that long for over 3 years! We are one of those couples who spend almost every day together <3
Flowers* - Great British Florist

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