FASHION: Kittys and The Ragged Priest

Top - New Look
Shoes - Office

I am totally in love with this outfit, I think it's quite 90s - especially because of my platform trainers - but it is still very my style.

I've always wanted a piece from the ragged priest and when I spotted these a few weeks back I knew I had to have them, luckily the one size that was left fitted me fine, phew!!

 They make me feel very warrioresque because of the metal plates, I love that they are high waisted which is something I've been experimenting in recently, it's somthing that I'm not 100% sure on which is strange because I feel more comfortable with my whole stomach on show rather than the whole length of my leg but they seem to come up the perfect butt length so its not too on show. 

As always I like to wear crop top with this kind of thing and because it's getting colder now I've had to dig out my long sleeve ones. This is actually the first crop top that I ever bought. 

Lastly, I put on my new favourite socks ever from lazy oaf (via asos) I have kitties at the top! I'm not a cat person but I am a huge lazy oaf fan and they are cute! Theyre one of the 5 items I bought as part of my winter warmers series with Net Voucher Codes. (see more here)


  1. this outfit is totally awesome, those shoes are amazing! xx

  2. This outfit ROCKS love the kitty socks xxx

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