OK so it says haul but it's just 2 bras haha. Me and Andrew made a quick trip down to Westfield this morning for a look around and do some Christmas shopping! I got his present sorted which was very helpful! We always do our christmas shopping together so we both get things that we want, I got him a new jacket from Superdry so now I just wanna get some extra little bits to add in and that's that sorted!

I've had a Victoria's Secret voucher to spend since January so we went to have a
little look in there. When we got there the original shop had been cut in half and now was half VS half PINK which was amazing. It's so much more me in there I think, lots of pretty colours and designs and the bras seemed to fit alot better! I couldn't resist buying a couple of bras. They were 2 for £40 and I even got a free stuffed toy haha cuuute :)

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